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CVP Manometer

CVP Manometer

Product Name : CVP Manometer

Item Code : 3076

Features :

  • Suitable for continuous or intermittent monitoring of central venous pressure during infusion
  • CVP manometer used to patients with hypotension who are not responding to basic clinical management
  • Continuing hypovolemic secondary to major fluid loss
  • Manometer tube with graduation from -4 cm to +34 cm and attached to three way stopcock
  • 120 cm long extension tube is fitted with female luer lock at one end and male luer lock on the other end for safe connection to central venous catheter
  • Latex rubber flash bulb is provided for extra medication
  • Sliding indicator provided to record reading
  • Moulded clamps with latex rubber strings are provided for easy fixation to IV stands
  • Sterile product for single use

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