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NIV Full Face Mask (CPAP)

NIV Full Face Mask (CPAP)

Product Name : NIV Full Face Mask (CPAP)

Item Code : 4144


  • NIV Full Mask is designed to support enhanced non-invasive ventilation (NIV). Non-invasive Ventilation or NIV has become an essential tool in the management of respirator failure. 
  • The Full Face NIV Mask are comfortable and effectively customized for patients that require non-invasive ventilation treatment in hospitals.
  • NIV breathing masks cover the nose and the mouth to ensure effective NIV therapy and are ideal for mouth breathers.
  • NIV mask provides maximum effectiveness by establishing a comfortable seal. Full face mask are often the first – line strategy in the initial management of acute respiratory failure as they cover both the nose and the mouth, minimizing concerns related to mouth breathing.
  • Non-invasive ventilation full face mask is designed to support NIV therapy
  • Extremely simple and designed for easy fitting
  • A less obtrusive, lightweight and small profile design make it a perfect mask for patients.
  • The mask has quiet venting and very soft silicone cushioning to improve patient comfort.

Available Configuration :

  • Size : Small, Medium, Large
  • Also available Vented & Non-Vented

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