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Foley Balloon Catheter

Foley Balloon Catheter

Product Name : All Silicon Foley Balloon Catheter - SURUCATH PRO

Item Code : 2007

Features :
  • Radio opaque tip for clear identification of the catheter position 
  • Additional silicone coating to ensure extra smooth penetration
  • Uniform roundness throughout the length of the catheter tube.
  • Smooth tip facilitates painless insertion.
  • Balloon integration with the catheter is done with a special process to eliminate rough edges.
  • Comparatively bigger drainage lumen for better and increased Drainage flow than in standard latex catheter.
  • Uniform and larger inflation lumen for easy inflation and deflation of balloon.
  • 100% biocompatible silicone is used and therefore biological activity is nil
  • Clear silicone material facilitates easy visibility of drainage.

Catheter Specification :

  Two Way

Three Way

The catheter is measured at a distance of 12 mm from the tip.           Tolerance for nominal (outer) Diameter ±0.3mm

Packing Configuration :

10 Catheter in 1 Box (unit carton box)

10 Unit carton in 1 master carton (shipping carton box)

Direction For Usage :

  • Tear the one end of the inner pouch as its perforations.
  • Insert the catheter into the urethra gently with gel coating
  • Ensure the level of insertion 
  • By gently holding the inflation lumen by hand, firmly insert a syringe with sterile distilled water and inject into the valve to inflate the balloon to its stated capacities.
  • After inflating the balloon to its stated capacities, removes the syringe from the valve by a twist with the pluger completely pushed in.
  • When required to deflate or recover water from the balloon, insert the syringe firmly into the valve and aspirate.
  • If found difficult to draw the water from balloon by aspiration, severe the arm of the inflation funnel. The water will drain automatically and collect the water in a bowl without spillage.
  • Remove the catheter gently from the urethra. 
  • After usage, cut shaft of the catheter and discard the product, so that it is not re-used.  

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