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Product Name : Bone Wax - SURUWAX ®

Item Code : 1020

Features :

Barrier to control bleeding from bone injury

  • SURUWAX® is a sterile mixture of bees wax, paraffin wax and isopropyl palmitate
  • SURUWAX® is used for the mechanical hemostasis in bone during injury /surgery. SURUWAX® helps local haemostasis by functioning like a mechanical barrier (tamponade). 
  • Wax is Bio-chemically insert and non-absorbable
  • Soft nature ensures excellent malleability
  • Smooth consistency enables easy application
  • Only a small amount is required to reach hemostasis
  • It is compatible with body tissues, does not induce skin irritation or any allergic reactions.
  • Bone Wax needs to be packed with Aluminium/Aluminium foils because it is waxy in nature and also to retain its original structure. 
  • Packing : 12 Pcs.  of  2.0 / 2.5 gms each

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