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Biopsy Needle

Biopsy Needle

Product Name : Menghini Biopsy Set

Item Code : 4027MG

Features :

  • The needle is provided with a sharpened Luer-lock to offer an added safety attachment to the syringe without vacuum loss.

The device is provided with internal stylet with the following functions :

  • To facilitate the device penetration without skin incision
  • To avoid the tissue penetration into the lumen of the cannula before reaching the target
  • To gradually transmit the created vacuum from the syringe, on the needle tip (thanks to a special processing present on the surface of the stylet
  • To avoid the sample aspiration into the cylinder of the syringe, keeping the sample into the cannula and to facilitate the expulsion step.

Available configuration :

  • Sizes : 1.9 mm x 110 mm

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