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Burette Set

Burette Set

Product Name : Burette Set (Measured Volume Fluid Administration Set) - SURUVOL®

Item Code : 2030

Features :

  • Transparent, soft, cylindrical & calibrated measured volume chamber with sharp and bold marking scale
  • Injection port for intermittent medication
  • Chamber vent allows air to enter chamber through hydrophobic membrane to prevent solution contamination
  • Precision flow regulator for accurate dispensing of solution and precise flow control
  • Automatic shut off valve prevents air trapping in the fluid line once the measured volume chamber is empty, and it also indicates the level of liquid
  • Bacteria retentive air inlet removes possibility of air borne contamination
  • Air vented spike
  • 15µm fluid filters reduces particulate matter
  • Approximately 60 drops/ml
  • Soft and kink resistant PVC tubing
  • Sterile product for single use

 Available Configuration :

  • Tube length : 150, 180, 200 cm
  • Burette sizes available : 100 ml, 110 ml, 150 ml

Option available :

–   Hanger
–   “Y” injection port (latex or latex free)
–   Luer lock or luer slip, or rotating luer lock  
–   Automatic shut off valve (latex or latex free)
–   With or without needle
–   Air vent
–   Needle free ‘Y’ site
–   DEHP free tube

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