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A. V. Fistula Needle with Black Eye

A. V. Fistula Needle with Black Eye

Product Name : A. V. Fistula Needle with Black Eye (with and without Rotating Wings)

Item Code : 3050, 3050 RW

Features :

A. V. fistula needle with back eye, with / without rotating wings

  • AV Fistula needle is used to connect blood lines to the blood vessel through needles when dialysis is carried out via an internal fistula
  • Siliconised ultra thin walled & sharp beveled back eyed needle to minimize trauma to the patient
  • Back eye needle to minimize interruption of blood flow
  • Flexible butterfly wings for proper fixation
  • Soft, frosted and kink resistant PVC tubing
  • Colour coded wings for easy identification of needle sizes
  • Sterile product for single use

Available Configuration :

  • With fixed / rotating wings
  • DEHP free tube
  • Tube length: 15 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm
  • Sizes :15 G, 16 G & 17 G

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