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Pressure Transducer Kit

Pressure Transducer Kit

Product Name : Pressure Transducer Kit - SURU

Item Code : 3079







Features :

  • Simple to operate and accurate flow rate control
  • Various connectors for choice. U, A, D, E, M, B can be used with different monitors
  • Micro constant flow (2~5 cc / 25~35 cc per hour) helps to guarantee the continuous flowing
  • Closed system design to reduce the risk of infection of operators
  • Needle free blood collection system helps to avoid stabbing and cross infection
  • Sensitive chip for accurate data transfer
  • Matches all kinds of cables

Application :

  • Central venous pressure and other various physiological pressure monitoring
  • Blood sampling
  • Neonates pressure monitoring 
  • Available with different connector i.e. U, A, D, E, M, B

Product Code
3079. U
Compatible with Connector
3079. A
Compatible with A Connector
3079. D
Compatible with Connector
3079. E
Compatible with Connector
3079. M
Compatible with Connector
3079. B
Compatible with Connector
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