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Blood Bag

Blood Bag

Product Name : Blood Bag System

Item Code : 3031,3032,3033,3034

Features :

  • Siliconised with ultra-thin walled 16 G sharp pointed Japanese needle for smooth and comfortable venipuncture.
  • Rounded Shape of the bag minimizes loss of blood components during Transfer and Transfusion.
  • If Red cells are preserved in SAGM solution then the life of Red cells goes up to 42 days. The CPD Solution preserves whole blood for 21 days whereas CPDA    solution preserves blood for 35 days.
  • TOTM (Tri-Octal-Tri-Militated) Plasticized Platelet transfer bag with sufficient gas permeability is suitable for extended storage of viable platelets for   approximately 5 days at 22°C.
  • Special break-off needle cover prevents re-use of bag.
  • Provided with standard donor tubing to collect blood.
  • Convenient hanger slits and holes are provided for use during Blood Collection and Blood Transfusion, it also allows easy suspension of bag in vertical position.
  • Inner surface is treated so carefully so as to significantly reduce platelet destruction and to prevent blood from clotting.
  • Particle-free and high quality transparent Medical grade PVC sheet is provided for accurate and easy blood monitoring during Collection, Transfer and Transfusion.
  • Tamper proof, safe and easy-to-open Port covers are provided to avoid contamination.
  • Provided with soft frosted and flexible kink resistant tubing with uniform wall thickness and inner diameter with same numbers at intervals of 100 mm to   prevent any confusion to the user.
  • As the anticoagulant maintains a reasonable amount of pH, it provides a high degree of red cell survival rate and oxygen delivery rate.
  • Snap-Tip and connector tube allows transfer of Blood Components and addictive solution smoother and faster.
  • With or without bacterial retentive air inlet with snap on cap.
  • Special tamper evident label is strongly struck on the bag so that it is difficult to peel – open and at the same time it is convenient to write on. It is durable during transportation, handling or high speed centrifugation.
  • Packed individually in plastic film and in multiples in special aluminum foil (pouches)

Options available :

  • Blood bag types available in CPDA / CPDA I / CPD / SAGM / TOTM Sheet Solutions BP / USP.
  • With Clamp
  • With Safety Needle Shield
  • With 30 ml Sampling bag and Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Holder
  • With “Y” injection port (Latex or Latex-free)
  • It is possible to make variety of bag sizes

Introducing Shortly :  Needle with Screw Cap



Whole blood

or  Red cell Storage Period

Additive Concentrations

( per 100 ml )



Anticoagulant &

storage of Blood

21 days

·     Sodium Citrate (dehydrate)….2.63g

·     Citric Acid (monohydrate)…0.299g

·     Dextrose (monohydrate)…….2.55g

·     Monobasic Sodium Phosphate (monohydrate).0.222g

·     Prevents coagulant of blood as Citrate ion chelates Calcium

·     Nutrition source for red cell

·     Adjusts pH


Anticoagulant  &

storage of Blood

35 days

·  Sodium Citrate (dehydrate)….2.63g

·  Citric Acid    

·  (monohydrate)…0.299g

·  Dextrose(monohydrate)……….2.55g

·  MonobasicSodium

·   phosphate (monohydrate).0.222g

·  Adenine…………0.0275g

·     Prevents coagulant of blood as Citrate ion chelates Calcium

·     Nutrition source for red cell

·     Adjusts pH

·     Supports to maintain ATP level in red cells


Red cell Preservation

42 days

·  Dextrose(monohydrate)……0.900g

·  Sodium Chloride…………….0.877g

·  Adenine…………0.0169g

·  D-Mannitol……….0.525g

·     Nutrition source for red cell

·     Adjusts osmotic pressure

·     Supports to maintain ATP level in red cells

·     Supports integrity of red cell membrane (to avoid hemolysis)



  • Blood bag with safety needle shield enhances safety against the accidental needle stick injuries that can transmit HIV, Hepatitis B & C and other dangerous blood borne diseases.


  • Initial blood collected from the donor tends to contain skin particles, bacteria present at the site of venipuncture and dust particles. The pre-attached sampling bag enables to divert & collect this initial blood from donor. The rest of the blood, free from the impurities is collected in the main bag


  • Pre-attached luer adapter is being provided with sampling bag to have safe in-line multiple sampling from doctor. It is compatible with all types of vacuum blood collection tubes and prevents the risk of needle stick injuries.


  • Needle protective cover made of two parts, outer part made of translucent blue colour hard polypropylene to maintain the integrity of the needle during storage and transportation. Inner part made of translucent PVC that fits with the needle hub and also provides effortless removal of the cover.

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