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Plain Ventilator Circuit Kit

Plain Ventilator Circuit Kit

Product Name : Plain Ventilator Circuit Kit

Item Code : Item Code # 4045A

Ventilator Kit Consist of : Plain Breathing System, HME Filter, Flexible Catheter Mount)


  • Corrugated, flexible and light weight tubing
  • Special clip feature provided to eliminate disconnection
  • Transparent for easy monitoring of water build up or blockages
  • 22 mm Adult – 1.6 mtr


  • Used in mechanically ventilated and laryngectomy patients to heat and moisturize the air and help prevent complications that arise when patients lose the ability to breathe through their nose and upper airway. Captures heat and moisture on expiration and returns it to the patient in inspiration
  • Suitable for spontaneously breathing patients with a tracheostomy tube
  • Electrostatic filter with 99.99% filtration capacity
  • Light weight, compact design reduces circuit weight
  • Low resistance to flow reduces work of breathing
  • ISO standard 15 mm and 22 mm fitting connects to breathing circuit
  • Supplied clean and individually packaged & EO Sterilized


  • For connection between Endotracheal tube and breathing circuits
  • Suitable for all type of breathing and ventilator circuits 
  • An elbow port is provided for easy suctioning without causing disturbance to breathing circuits 
  • 15F – 22M double swivel elbow mount with suction port with cap
  • 22F straight connector
  • 20 mm – 17.5 cm corrugated transparent flexible tubing
  • Sterile product for single use

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