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High Flow Nasal Cannula

High Flow Nasal Cannula


Item Code : 4143

Features :

  • A high flow oxygen therapy device is designed for medical patients with severe respiratory failure and post-operative respiratory failure or those who are not suitable for intubation or for the patients who needs palliative care.
  • It reduces respiratory rate in respiratory failure and can decrease respiratory distress symptoms. It has also been assessed as a long-term home therapy in COPD patients.
  • A small hook is designed for hanging the device for easy use
  • Single patient use Latex free
  • High flow nasal cannula is designed to allow for a range of oxygen concentrations using variable flow rates at optimal conditions 
  • Detachable flexible EVA Tube with slide-in pliable nasal prong helps in making easy connection to the built-in device on left / right side of patient.
  • Soft and anatomically formed nasal prongs support comfortable placement in the nostril.
  • The easy to adjust wide elastic strap provides a secure fit. Comfortable choice for effective high flow oxygen therapy.
  • Universal connector compatible with most heated wire breathing circuits.
  • Ergonomic anatomical design helps to improve humidified gas flow without increasing resistance. 

Available Configuration :

  • Sizes available in Adult : Small / Medium / Large

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