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Epidural (Kit /Needle/Catheter)

Epidural (Kit /Needle/Catheter)

Product Name : Epidural Kit

Item Code : 3038.1, 3038.2

Features : 

  • Epidural Catheter Kit are designed for short term & long term continuous anaesthesia & pain therapy 
  • Sterile, individually packed in blister packing 

Epidural Catheter

  • Epidural catheter available with closed round soft tip with three lateral eyes
  • With radio-opaque line

Epidural / tuohy needle

  • Tuohy type / Epidural Needle is provided with clear depth marking for accurate insertion depth reading 
  • Length of epidural needle : 80 mm
  • Polished inner bevel edge minimizes the risk of catheter shearing
  • Size : NG 16 & 18

LOR Syringe 

  • Specially designed plastic syringe is provided for clear identification of epidural space
  • LOR syringe is suitable for air and saline technique
  • Syringe capacity : 10 ml

Threading  assist guide

  • Fit securely into the needle and assists in easy advancement of catheter

Detachable connector 

  • Separate twist lock connector is provided for safe and secure attachment to the catheter for convenience of the procedure

Available Configuration : 
 Epidural Anaeasthesia Kit Consist of 


Combined Spinal - Epidural Kit 
                 System II

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