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Vet- Monofilament Polyamide Suture 

Item Code N270CZ12

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Virtues : Being monofilament, Linex is remarkably smooth and gives excellent knot security. Posses good tensile strength. Easy removal with no tissue adherence


Material : Polyamide suture (Nylon).


Dye Used : Logwood black, natural wood extract (US FDA approved dye)


Colour : Black or Blue


Coating : It does not require any coating and is sold untreated


Tissue Reaction : Linex Suture is inert like stainless steel. Maintains tensile strength indefinitely in tissues. Do not support infection


Applications : General closure, Skin and Plastic Surgery. Also used for Ophthalmic and Micro Surgery


Choice : Loop, Needled and pre-cut sterile sutures conforming to USP standards


Caution : Not recommended for attachment of artificial prostheses in Cardiovascular surgery



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