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Vet – Monofilament polypropylene Suture

Item Code : P1A70DZ30

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Virtues : Monofilament Sututre with excellent tensile strength and reasonable elasticity Pliable smooth surface makes it excellent for easy passage


Material : Monofilament Polypropylene


Colour : Blue


Dye Used : CU-Phtalocyanine blue ( US FDA approved dye )


Coating : The product does not require any coating and is sold untrested


Tissue : Minimal tissue reaction. Does not support infection reaction


Applications : General closure, Ophthalmic, Orthopeddics, plastic and Micro Surgeries Least chromogenic, Cardiovascular Surgery


Choice : Loop, Needled and pre-cut sterile sutures conforming to USP Standards


Caution : Avoid damage to the surface of suture


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