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Vet – Surucryl Insta®


Vet – Polyglycolic acid (PGA) suture

( Fast Absorbing Suture )

Item Code : I290DZ40

More Information

Material   : SURUCRYL INSTA™ absorbable Surgical  Suture used when short term support is required and recommended for use when faster absorption is required. It reduces pain and discomfort. Tensile strength higher than gut suture

Material   :  Coated and Braided Polyglycolic acid

Colour     :  Undyed

Coating   :  Calcium Stearate and Polycaprolactone

Choice    :  Needled and Pre-cut sterile sutures conforming to USP Standards

Applications   :  Oral and Scalp wound, Episiotomy and Cuticular Closure, Closure of laceration under cast etc


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