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Vet – Epidural Needle

Product Overview

Epidural Orange

 Product Name: Epidural Needle

  Product Brand Name:  SURUEPIN®

  Product Code: 3069

  Product Category: Veterinary Product

More Information

  Highly suitable for Epidural Anaesthesia

    Markings on the needle at every 10 mm distance from tip making it easy to observe and also control the exact depth of insertion

    Tuohy type needle tip with fixed wings

    Clear polycarbonate hub enables visualization of Cerebro Spinal Fluid (CSF) or blood easily

    Polished inner bevel minimizes the risk of catheter shearing

    Sterile product for single use

    Sizes available : 16 G – O.D. 1.6 mm

 18 G – O.D. 1.0 mm

 Standard Length : 80 mm