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Black Braided Silk Suture

Item Code S290DK18

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Virtues : Most widely used. Excellent handling characteristics. Good knot security. SURUSIL® silk does not swell in tissue fluids. SURUSIL® silk thread is serum proof and water repellent. Dyed in FDA approved black logwood dye


Material : 100 % Protein fibre spun by entwined thread from silk worm Bombyx Mori Larva. Treated with wax to give strength and smooth surface


Dye Used : Logwood Extract (US FDA approved dye)


Colour : Black


Coating : Bees wax – IP


Tissue Reaction : Moderate


Applications : General closure, G. I. Tract, Plastic, Skin, Ophthalmic, Widely used as ligature


Choice : Needled and Pre-Cut sterile sutures conforming to USP Standards


Caution : Avoid using in the presence of infection. Not used in biliary and urinary tract surgery



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