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Polypropylene Mesh


 Item Code 1017

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Material :

Non-absorbable, Monofilament Polypropylene Mesh. Polypropylene mesh is constructed of knitted filaments of extruded polypropylene


Virtues :
Polypropylene mesh fabric has all the characteristics of an ideal mesh with design for elastic, flexible, strong, transparent mesh


Design :
Porosity for high visibility, colonization and integration SURU MESH® is having the appearance of a larger screen type mesh is used as a matrix into which dense fibrous scar forms greatly increasing the tensile strength of the healed wound at the level of the hernia defect. It acts like reinforcing steel bars in concrete which greatly increases resistresistance to shearing, stretching or burst forces. Monofilament fiber as opposed to woven fibers provides no place for bacteria to lodge and thus are much more resistant to infection






SURU MESH® is knitted by a process which interlinks each fiber junction and provides for elasticity in both directions. This construction permits the mesh to be cut into any desired shape or size without unraveling. The fiber junctions are not subject to the same work fatigue exhibited by more rigid metallic meshes. This bi-directional elastic property allows adoption to various stresses encountered in the body


Support :
Provides maximum support and elasticity permanently. SURU MESH® is used to span and reinforce atraumatic or surgical wounds to provide extended support during and following wound healing


Burst Strength :

High tensile strength and burst resistance up to 8 Kg/cm2 this material, when used as a suture, has been reported to be non-reactive and to retain its strength indefinitely available in individual sterile pack




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