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Surucryl 910 ( PLA ) Suture

Item Code : T190DZ30

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Polyglactin 910 (PLA suture) is an absorbable, sterile, synthetic braided Suture in Violet colour

–  A longer absorption period
–  Greater Tensile strength
–  Predictable absorption by simple hydroplytic mechanism
–  Precise knot placement as compared with PGA sutures


Virtue  : The suture’s tensile strength remains for approximately three to four weeks in tissue. It has a unique molecular structure which cause the suture to retain its strength over the critical wound healing period and then allows rapid absorption after the suture has served its purpose


Material   :  Polyglactin 910 Suture is composed of copolymers made of 90 % Glycolide and 10 % L-lactide. Polyglactin 910 suture is an absorbable braided synthetic fibre. It is available as plain (uncoated) and coated suture, available in violet colour or colourless.


Choice  : Needled and Pre-cut sterile sutures conforming to USP Standards


Tissue Reaction  : Minimal Tissue reaction. Polyglactin 910 sutures are found to be non-antigenic and non- pyrogenic, eliciting only mild tissue reactivity during the absorption process.


Applications   : PLA Sutures are indicated for soft tissue approximation and ligation, excellent choice for cataract and strabismus surgery




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