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Skin Stapler & Staple Remover


Skin Stapler & Stapler Remover

                                      Item Code : 1018 & 1019                                                                            

More Information

Superior design : Uniform tension for optimum approximation, minimizes tissue compression and trauma

Superior cosmetic results : Allows good blood supply to tissues, promotes faster and scar free healing

Sterile stainless steel extractor : For painless and effortless extraction

Reliable stapling : Good grip, better control, no jamming

Sterile product for single use


Easy to use :

Approximate skin edges in an evented manner using tissue approximation forceps. Place SURUSTAP®stapler gently over the center of the approximated skin edges

Squeeze the lever completely till the staple is securely placed (For better results ensure bottom handle completely folds into the top handle)

Superior inert stapler pins :
Highly resistant to corrosion and most suitable material for Surgical implants



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