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Seldinger Introducer Needle


Seldinger Introducer Needle

Item Code 4030, 4031Y

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It is intended for percutaneous introduction of guidewire.

 Y typeintroducer needle is provided with a side port having a nonreturn valve, this allows attaching syringe at one port and simultaneous inversion of guide wire through the port with valve

This minimizes the possibilities of blood loss during insertion

Luer lock connection of syringe guarantees a secure connection

Note :  Customized needle length is possible

Y-Type Introducer Needle Straight Introducer Needle
18 G x 67 mm 16 G x 100 mm
20 G x 38 mm 18 G x 67 mm
18 G x 90 mm
20 G x 38 mm



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