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Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Kit

Product Overview


 Product Name: Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Kit

  Product Brand Name: SURU ®

  Product Code: 2054

  Product Category: Central venous access / dialysis

More Information

Suitable for performing peritoneal dialysis in patients of all age groups.

   Stainless steel trocar is provided with extra sharpness to facilitate smooth penetration

   The trocar and the tip of the catheter is perfectly matched to facilitate trauma free entry

   Spare scalpel blade is provided for incision

   Multihole, open end catheter is manufactured from medical grade polypropylene

   Latex flash ball is provided on the junction unit for additional medication

   Sterile product for single use

Complete Kit is placed in thermoformed tray and then packed in peelable pouch

Kit consists of :

Stainless Steel Trocar Multihole, smooth Tip Catheter Junction unit with control Clamp ScalpelBlade