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Needleless Connector Tube


Needleless Connector Tube

(Needle Free Connector with Extension Tube)

Item Code : 4043

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Needle free technology that is designed to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination and improve patient outcome

Leak proof up to 2 bars

Can be used on all peripheral catheters, arterial and central venous catheters for the administration of i.v. fluids or medication and can be used to aspirate blood

Straight fluid path allows for clearing of blood and blood residual with low flush volumes

Uniform smooth bore through out permits maximum infusion flow and prevents turbulence as well as formation of air bubbles

Minimal dead space allows for lower flush volumes

Rotating luer lock and threaded female ports facilitates safe and secure connector to luers of other system

Flat smooth swab able surface for ease of disinfection

Extension tube is available in PVC free tubing

Contains no latex, phthalates (DEHP) or metal components


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