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Female Urinary Incontinence Set(Sling)


Female Urinary Incontinence Set

Item Code : 1031, 1030



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  Sling is dual component tension free device designed to prevent the urinary retention and urethral erosion complications associated with other slings. Sling’s unique, polydioxanone center section completely absorbs in 100 days through hydrolysis, while its two biocompatible, non absorbable sections of monofilament polypropylene mesh anchor them selves firmly to the tissue rapid fibroblastic ingrowth. The result is immediately restored continence, without the problematic long term pressure on the urethra inherent in slings without sling

  Designed for easier placement by the surgeon

  The minimally invasive Sling procedure is performed in less than 30 minutes local, regional or general anesthesia. The device is readily implanted vaginally, suprapubically or through the obturator for a men- whichever method the surgeon prefers. Sling can also be used with variety of commercially available bone anchors and suturing devices

  Sling’s unique notched introducer tip and streamlined draw loop design facilitate easier penetration, while a protective placement sutures allow for easy positioning

  Because the sling device is placed at the level of the bladder neck under the urethral ligament at the source of incontinence the sling is the only true anatomical repair that reconstitutes the defective area


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