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Epidural Kit

Item Code 3038

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Epidural Kit are used to provide, via percutaneous administration, continuous and/or intermittent infusion of local anesthetics and analgesics in the epidural space prior to spinal cord.

Epidural catheter kit are designed for short term continuous anaesthesia& pain therapy
Sterile, individually packed in blister packing

Epidural catheter

Flexible & atraumatic soft tip with three lateral eyes reduces the risk of complications.
Crystal clear catheter with radio opaque line provides clear visualization of blood / CSF.
Tube Length : 80 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm

Epidural / tuohy needle

Markings on the needle at every 10mm distance from tip to observe and control the depth of insertion
Length of epidural needle: 80 mm
Polished inner bevel minimizing the risk catheter shearing
Size: 16 G, 18 G, 19 G

Lor syringe

Specially designed plastic syringe is provided for clear identification of epidural space
LOR syringe is suitable for air and saline technique
Syringe capacity: 10 ml

Threading assist guide

Fit securely into the needle and assists in easy advancement of catheter

Detachable connector

Separate twist lock connector is provided for safe and secure attachment to the catheter for convenience of the procedure

Hydrophilic Filter

Hydrophilic filter of 0.22 micron is provided for additional safety & control against microbial contamination


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