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Epidural Catheter

Item Code 3077

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Epidural Catheter used to provide, via percutaneous administration, continuous and/or intermittent infusion of local anesthetics and analgesics in the epidural space prior to spinal cord

Epidural catheter is designed for short term continuous anaesthesia& pain therapy

Catheter is made from formulation of polymer PEBA with excellent biocompatibility. Catheter is free from plasticizer & latex

Flexible &atraumatic soft tip with three lateral eyes reduce the risk of complications

Catheter is printed to determine the depth of insertion & accurate placement of catheter in the epidural space

Crystal clear catheter with radioopaque line provides clear visualization of blood / CSF

Lure lock twist connector is supplied for easy & safe connection

Tube length:80 cm, 90 cm 100 cm

Sterile product for single use


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