CAPACITY 2000 ml                                                    CAPACITY 2000 ml
                                          Double Chamber                                                         Triple Chamber

                    ITEM CODE # 4012

Chest Drainage Bottle is a Single Use disposable unit which is designed to forward the collected Drainage into a collection chamber by the liquid stastic suction effects

SURUDRAIN makes it easy to observe and measure the collected drainage contents during surgery
SURUDRAIN facilitates safe Retrograde Technique
SURUDRAIN is provided with 80 cms long PVC Tube hanging at a higher position as compared to the common collection chamber allowing the collection of drainage without giving rise to any inconvenience

SURUDRAIN is suitable for all Cardiac and Thoracic procedures

Easy to read graduation helps to determine the drain volume precisely
Clearly marked initial level ensures the under water seal
"Write-on" facility on the side of scale helps monitoring of Drain volume
Suction port is provided to fill water

Kink resistant large bore tubing facilitates unrestricted flow

Complete unit is Sterile and wrapped Twice to avoid any possible infection
Sterile product for single use



500 ml, 1200 ml, 1600 ml


2000 ml

                         TRIPLE CHAMBER

2000 ml


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