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Central Venous Catheter Kits


Central Venous Catheter Kits 

Item Code 3061, 3062, 3063, 3064

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 Central Venous Catheter reduces the risk and vascular trauma due it specially formulated and biocompatible Polyurethane material which provides strength during insertion and also softens at body temperature to conform to the body tissues

 Intravascular Catheter that terminates close to the heart or one of the great vessels (Central Veins)

 Soft Flexible J-Tip Guide wire provides good torque to ensure firm insertion and also prevents vessel perforation

 Specially designed soft & beveled tip for smooth & easy insertion of catheter

 Clear and definite marking facilitates correct placement of catheter tip

 Non tunneled CVCs (Subcaviar, Jugular Tunneled CVCs)

Peripherally inserted Central Catheter (PICCs)

 Dialysis Catheter

 Implanted ports

 Radio-opaque Catheter

 Individually tray packed

Sterile product for single use

Complete set of CVC kit consists of :



Indwelling catheter Catheter holder Catheter holder clampExtension line clamp  Scalpel Introducer needleJ-Tip guide wireLuer lock syringeInjection cap Vessel dilator 


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