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Burette Set

(Measured Volume Fluid Administration Set)

Item Code : 2030

More Information

Burette Set (Paediatric Drip Set) – The product is used to administer Intravenous fluid and medicines into human circulating system by using intravenous catheter or cannulae

Transparent, soft, cylindrical & calibrated measured volume chamber with sharp and bold marking scale

Injection port for intermittent medication

  Chamber vent allows air to enter chamber through hydrophobic membrane to prevent solution contamination

Precision flow regulator for accurate dispensing of solution and precise flow control

Automatic shut off valve prevents air trapping in the fluid line once the measured volume chamber is empty,                and it also indicates the level of liquid

Bacteria retentive air inlet removes possibility of air borne contamination

Air vented spike

15μm fluid filters reduces particulate matter

Approximately 60 drops/ml

Soft and kink resistant PVC tubing

Sterile product for single use


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