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Item Code : 1020

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Barrier to control bleeding from bone injury

Material :  Material : SURUWAX® is a sterile bone wax.  SURUWAX® is a sterile mixture of bees wax, paraffin wax and isopropyl palmitate

Indications : Indications : SURUWAX® is used for the mechanical hemostasis in bone during injury / surgery

Application :
•   Thoracic surgery
•   Orthopedic surgery

Contra indications : In infected areas, where osseous regeneration and / or fusion is desired

Advantages :
•   Soft, easy to form and to apply
•   Easy to handle due to peel pack with non stick cover
•   Provided sterile for single use only
•   Biochemically inert

Packing : 12 pcs.  of  2.0 / 2.5 gms each


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