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Biopsy Needle (Biopsy Gun)

Item Code : 4027G

More Information

The biopsy instrument is a single use core biopsy device

Two step activation and automatic firing cater for various tissue biopsy needs

High velocity throw of the needle ensures perfect samples

Ergonomic design allows for ease of use single hand operation

Safety switch prevents accidental misfiring

Core needle with unique dotting design provides perfect imaging of the needle tip under ultra sound guidance

Acrogenic needle tip

Angled 19 mm sample notch for enhanced needle action

The side actuator buttons are color coded according to the various gauge sizes

Soft-core handle has “Ribs” design for better grip and control

Light weight handle helps in easier manipulation during biopsy procedure

Improved instrument design offers ease and enhanced control of one handed cocking. Upper slide withdraws and locks the needle cannula. The bottom slide engages and cocks the style



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