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Infusion Set With Auto Air Stop & Priming Filter


Infusion Set With Auto Air Stop & Priming Filter

Item Code : 2047

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Specially engineered auto air stop filter (15 micron) prevents the entry of air in the line when the i.v. bottle is empty

Helps in preventing Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI)

Use of this product ensures no more spillage of i.v. fluid on hands, floor and bedding, it also reduces wastage of i.v. fluid

No air can get through to the patient as auto air stop filter maintains a constant fluid level, the special priming filter ensure that the line fills automatically (auto prime) thus maintaining a closed system until connected

Product is universally suitable for gravity feed as well as for  pressure infusion up to 2 bars

Clear universal spike is compatible with all kinds of i.v. bottles

DEHP free infusion lines softened with non phthalate plasticizer reduces phthalate related toxicity ensuring greater patient safety

Unique designed ring in drip chamber helps in secure griping

PVC free flexible drip chamber for easy and fast priming (drop rate 20 drops/mL)


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